Mendelian Genetics


Mendel Gregor (1822-1884) an Augustinian monk showed that inheritance follow a particular law which he came up with after doing his experiments on peas. 

Law of segregation states that the alleles separate from one another during formation of gametes. As a result, each offspring recieves only one of the alleles which control a particular trait. 

Law of Independent Assortmentstates that in the formation of gametes, separation of the members of any pair of alleles is independent of the separation of the other pairs of allele, that is, each pair of alleles may combine randomly with either of another pair resulting in the offspring containing all combinations of alleles.

With the use of this laws that Mendel has stated many characteristic in humans can be explained, example, albinism and deafness, ear lobes, eye color. 

Using this webquest we have tried our best to help everyone to understand Mendelian genetics better.

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