Mendelian Genetics

Exercise Question:

Now that you have studied the example doing this questions will be easy. After doing this questions student should get a fair idea of what Mendel did, what Mendel's Laws are about and should be able to apply Mendel's laws.

Law of Segregation:


State in your own words what Mendel's Law of Segregation means to you. 
(2 mrks)


Two true breed fruit flies, one had long body and the other had short body. All the F1 generation had long body.
  1. Which allele is dominant? (0.5 mrk)
  2. Which allele is recessive? (0.5 mrk)
  3. Predict the genotype of the Parents. (1 mrk)
  4. Predict the genotype of the F1 generation. (2 mrks)
  5. Predict the genotype and phenotype of the F2 generation. (4 mrks)

Law of Independent Assortment:


State in your own words what Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment means to you. 
(2 mrks)


A farmer wishes to have a good variety of bean on his farm. He crosses a long bean which was resistant to infection with a variety was short and infected. Both the trait were pure breed for the trait.
  1. Write the genotype of parent plants. (1 mrk)
  2.  List the gametes. (1 mrk)
  3.  Draw punnet square to show F1 generation and F2 generation. (7.5 mrks)
  4.  Write the phenotypic ratio for both generations. (2.5)


A true- breeding Rough Black pig was mated with true-breeding Smooth white pig.
1. Explain the meaning of the term true breeding. (1 mrk)

2. List the genotype of the Parents. (1 mrk)

3. Use a punnett square and find out the Genotype of the F1 generation. (2.5 mrks)

4. What are the Phenotypes of the F1 generation? (0.5 mrk)

The F1 generation were than crossed to produce the F2 generation.

5. Write the possible gametes that F1 generation will produce. (1 mrk)

6. Use a punnett square and show the genotypes of the F2 generation. (5 mrks)

7. What are the possible phenotypes of the F2 generation? (2 mrks)

8. What are the phenotypic ratio of the F2 generation? (1 mrk)

If the owner what to breed Smooth white  coat guinea pig. 

9. Of the F2 generation, what proportion has the traits that they want? (1 mrk)

10. Which of mendel's Law are used here? (1 mrk)

Total: 40 mrks

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Now you are ready to use the knowledge of the two Laws and apply it in the lab.
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