Mendelian Genetics



Albinism - disorder where a person has pale white skin, white hair and colorless eyes.

Alleles - DNA sequence of a particular gene which results in different characteristics.


Dihybrid Cross - is a cross between two individuals in which heritance of two traits (seed colour and shape) are considered.

Dominant trait
 - is the allele that functions when two different alleles are present. Denoted by Capital letter. It masks the effect of the other allele. In Ww express Round seeds, W is for Round and w is for wrinkle so W is dominant.


First generation (F1 Generation) - The result from the cross between the different parents.


Gametes - A cell the combines with another cell during fertilization.

Genes - Units of heredity that hold informations to build and maintain cells and passage of genetic traits.

Genotype - the genetic composition a individual possess. WW, Ww and ww are all the genotype.


Heterozygous - the two alleles are different, that is Rr. 

Homozygous - Both the alleles are same, that is RR or rr.


Inheritance - the process by which characteristics are passed from parents to offspring's. 


Law of Independent Assortment - in the formation of gametes, separation of the members of any pair of alleles is independent of the separation of the other pairs of allele, that is, each pair of alleles may combine randomly with either of another pair resulting in the offspring containing all combinations of alleles.

Law of segregation - the alleles separate from one another during formation of gametes. As a result, each offspring recieves only one of the alleles which control a particular trait.


Monohybrid Cross - A cross between two individuals in which heritance of only one trait (seed shape) is considered. 


Offspring - product of fertilization between parents.


Phenotype - the physical characteristic which can be observed, that is, Round seed peas and wrinkle seed peas.

Punnett square - a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross/ mating.


Recessive trait - is the allele that does not function when two different alleles are present. Denoted by small letter. The characteristic only expressed when in Homozygous form, ww.


Second Generation (F2 generation) - results from the cross between two F1 generation.

Self-fertilize - combining the gametes produced by same individual.


Trait - characteristics.

True-breed - inheritable phenotype that produce the offspring of the same phenotype.


Zygote - cell formed when two gametes combine.

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