Mendelian Genetics


This games are designed not only to help you practice your knowledge and learn Mendelian genetics better, but also to ease our brain.



The words related to Mendelian genetics are jumbled and given, all you have to do is arrange the letters in order to write the correct word. You can always click show hint to get a clue and show answer to see the answer.

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  • Click on the letters in the upper box to guess if letter is in the word.
  • If you get six letters wrong the game is over.
  • Guess all the letters in the word to get to next level.

                                                             Please don't let me die.
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Crossword Puzzle

Fill the words across and down using the hint at the right. After filling all the space, click check to see whether you were correct or not.

Every time you enter the games page the crossword puzzle questions change.

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Hope you enjoyed playing the game and that it was helpful.

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